Musings on the USA/Canada Winter Series

It's rare that I attend a hockey game as a fan anymore, but when the USA/Canada December series was announced, it seemed the perfect opportunity for a short road trip that was high on garish American-flag-themed outfits and low on press responsibilities.

We attended Saturday's game in Plymouth, Michigan,

Nicole Haase

CWHL: Marie-Philip Poulin and Ann-Sophie Bettez, Les Canadiennes' 1-2 Punch

When Les Canadiennes began the season, they blistered through opponents with their top line of Marie-Philip Poulin, Ann-Sophie Bettez, and Caroline Oullette.

As the season progressed, the coaching staff moved Caroline Ouellette down to the second line and placed Kim DeschĂȘnes on the top line.

"It was working super

Jashvina Shah