About The Victory Press

The Victory Press is a publication dedicated to women's sports and intersectional feminist issues related to sport. We pay our writers and reimburse expenses.

We publish features and essays related to feminism/gender/social issues as they pertain to sports, with the goal of making the Victory Press an inclusive home for quality writing on these issues. We also provide coverage of professional, international, and collegiate women's ice hockey.


staff writers
We crowdfunded our startup funds via Indiegogo and now have a Patreon in place for subscriptions.

We are open to sponsorships and would be interested in athletic gear/products for women and trans athletes in particular. If you'd like to be a sponsor and have your brand featured on our site, contact [email protected]


Send pitches to [email protected] Pitches can be about any women's sport or any social issue in sports related to gender, class, race, etc. Pitches can be for a single feature article or for a series of articles you'd like to write over a period of time.

Examples of things we would be interested in include coverage of a women's sports tournament or event, essays about gender issues in sports, interviews, and longform media criticism. We may occasionally accept pitches for personal essays that fit into the broader theme of being a sports fan as a woman, LGBTQ person, or person of color.

Pitches should be short and to the point, and clearly state your article's purpose.


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The Victory Press, LLC is incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to be cost-neutral, with all income to Victory Press going directly to paying writers, financing travel, and planning future projects.

All writers/contributors are independent contractors for tax purposes, and we have a standard freelance contract for both our staff writers and contributors. Feel free to contact [email protected] with legal/financial inquiries.