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Hockey and COVID Protocol In This Brave New World

January 23, 2021

Hockey and COVID Protocol In This Brave New World by Zoë Hayden

Sports organizations have continued to announce schedules and hype their upcoming games and seasons on social media as if these are normal times – but of course they aren't, and every organized sporting event is burdened now by very serious public health questions as they attempt

The Reckoning that Wasn't

December 19, 2020

The Reckoning that Wasn't by Zoë Hayden

2020 will probably long be remembered as a year of reckoning in North American professional sports, but it will leave behind a question of what that reckoning was actually about, or if anything came of it. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the true cost of

No One Is Coming To Save Us

July 14, 2020

No One Is Coming To Save Us by Zoë Hayden

Sports leagues in the United States are continuing to resume operations despite the fact that it is clearly unsafe, but this is just one small locus of the horror that is being wrought across our society by libertarian capitalism. This is not a conspiracy theory,