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NWSL Passes Historic, First-Ever CBA

February 01, 2022

NWSL Passes Historic, First-Ever CBA by Jaiden Cirioli

The National Women's Soccer League made history on February 1 with the creation of the first collective bargaining agreement [] in professional women's soccer. The announcement came on the eve of the start of the league's tenth preseason, ensuring

All Athletes are Workers

November 21, 2019

All Athletes are Workers by Zoë Hayden

Sports are labor and athletes are workers. This job exists because we've created an economy that globally supports it, albeit only for an extremely narrow subset of athletes sustainably. The most successful sports leagues and franchises are often ones that make profit in alignment with

NWHL Notebook and #ForTheGame Updates

June 27, 2019

NWHL Notebook and #ForTheGame Updates by Melissa Burgess

Despite 200+ women's hockey players proclaiming their support #ForTheGame and their intention not to play in any North American professional league in the 2019-2020 season, and in spite of several other complications, the National Women's Hockey League has declared its intentions to continue on with

Beyond The Slow Growth Model

May 29, 2019

Beyond The Slow Growth Model by Kirsten Whelan

In a press release distributed via LinkedIn on May 23, the NWHLPA announced that it had reached an agreement with the league on a form contract that "includes significant improvements to player benefits." The release lists what it describes as highlights of the agreement, including