Women's Hockey After the Olympics: Part I​

(Photo: Melissa Burgess)

Maybe you're an avid women's hockey fan, or maybe the recent 2018 Winter Olympics caught your eye. The United States women's national team's fight for equal pay, and their eventual gold medal in Pyeongchang, helped put the spotlight on women's hockey in America.

While the next Winter

Melissa Burgess

NWHL Notebook: Recent Signings

(Photo: Melissa Burgess)

Since my last NWHL notebook, there have been eight additional signings reported, plus some reported coaching news (or rather, non-news).

That being said, let's start with the coaching news. Robb Stauber, who had previously spoken to the Minnesota Star-Tribune and told them he was going to be

Melissa Burgess

NCAA Women's Hockey: What to Watch, Week 24

Come back each week for a breakdown of the most interesting upcoming games, how to watch or listen to them, and some thoughts on the movers and shakers of the previous week.

It's the first week of the conference tournaments. Every match-up is a best-of-three series, so Sunday's games are

Nicole Haase