USA Hockey's New Trans and Non-Binary Guidelines Don't Amount to Inclusion for Many Trans and Non-Binary Athletes

This past week, USA Hockey released its new regulations for transgender and non-binary inclusion. Evaluating this policy requires an acknowledgement of the highly transphobic times in which it was released. It comes the same week as the United States Supreme Court upheld President Trump's transgender military ban and in which


New IAAF Testosterone Regulations are Bigoted and Targeted

Last week the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) released new regulations for women's events titled Female Classification (Athletes with Differences of Sex Development). These regulations are currently valid and the new testosterone limits will be enforced beginning on November 1, 2018. The IAAF claims these new regulations are designed


Gender and Chess

Few sports expose the hypocrisy behind gender segregation in sports and games than chess. Gender segregation in sports is a persistent, pernicious, and damaging problem to grapple with, largely because the people who are most invested keeping women separate (and profoundly unequal) in sporting competition aren't particularly interested in an

James Bridget Gordon