PWHL Training Camp Preview: Boston
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PWHL Training Camp Preview: Boston

PWHL Training Camp Preview: Boston by Zoë Hayden

General manager Danielle Marmer has been the busiest in the PWHL ahead of camp. Boston has the most players signed of any team and there are very few questions heading into camp about what their opening day roster is going to look like.

Expected Camp Roster

Frankel, Aerin G SIGNED PWHPA - Team adidas Initial signing 80k+
Knight, Hilary F SIGNED PWHPA - Team Sonnet Initial signing 80k+
Keller, Megan D SIGNED PWHPA - Team Scotiabank Initial signing 80k+
Jaques, Sophie D SIGNED NCAA - Ohio State Drafted 2-10, 80k+
Müller, Alina F SIGNED NCAA - Northeastern Drafted 1-3, 80k+
Rattray, Jamie Lee F SIGNED PWHPA - Team Harvey's Drafted 3-15, 80k+
Söderberg, Emma G SIGNED NCAA - Minnesota Duluth Drafted 10-58
Schafzahl, Theresa F SIGNED NCAA - Vermont Drafted 7-39
Shirley, Sophie F SIGNED NCAA - Wisconsin Drafted 11-63
Buckles, Emma D SIGNED PWHPA - Team Sonnet Drafted 13-75
Brandt, Hannah F SIGNED PWHPA - Team Sonnet Drafted 5-27
Healey, Jess D SIGNED PHF - Buffalo Beauts Drafted 15-87
Brown, Emily D SIGNED NCAA - Minnesota Drafted 8-46
Fratkin, Kaleigh D SIGNED PHF - Boston Pride Undrafted
Girard, Taylor F SIGNED PHF - Connecticut Whale Drafted 9-51
Digirolamo, Jessica D SIGNED PWHPA - Team adidas Drafted 6-34
Darkangelo, Shiann F SIGNED PHF - Toronto Six Drafted 12-70
Gabel, Loren F SIGNED PHF - Boston Pride Drafted 4-22
Kosta, Nicole F SIGNED PWHPA - Team Scotiabank Undrafted
Brand, McKenna F Undrafted PHF - Boston Pride
Davis, Sammy F Undrafted PHF - Boston Pride
Isbell, Samantha F Undrafted PHF - Montreal Force
Marvin, Gigi F Undrafted Did not play
Pelkey, Amanda F Undrafted PHF - Metropolitan Riveters
Wenczkowski, Taylor F Undrafted PHF - Boston Pride
MacInnis, Lauren D Undrafted Sweden Division 1 - Frölunda HC and EWHL - Salzburg
Browning, Lindsay G Undrafted PWHPA - Team Sonnet
Kronish, Cami G Undrafted NCAA - Wisconsin

Team Staff

  • General manager: Danielle Marmer, former player development and scouting assistant with the Boston Bruins and director of player development at Quinnipiac
  • Head coach: Courtney Kessel, former assistant coach with Princeton who most recently was the head coach of Team Canada's U18 squad
  • Assistant coach: Stefanie McKeough, former assistant coach with the University of Ottawa and an assistant under Kessel with the U18 team

What They Have

Pretty much everything, up and down the roster. They have signed every draft pick that was on the list of camp invites. With ten forwards signed, seven defenders, and two goalies, Boston has a mix of talent from the PWHPA, NCAA, and PHF all locked down. They have veterans; they have fresh-out-of-college players; and they have bona fide superstars.

They also have one of the most interesting rosters at the blueline in the PWHL, combining offensive talents like Sophie Jaques and Megan Keller with subtler, steady hands like Emily Brown.

Both of their goalies are excellent, and the forward talent on this roster should scare any other team in the league ("Müller from behind the net to Knight" is a play-by-play call that has been stuck in my head since Alina was drafted).

Marmer isn't totally done, but the hard part is over.

What They Should Be Looking For

Boston only needs to sign four contracts to complete their 23-player roster, and three of them will likely be forwards – with six unsigned players competing for those spots, and any three of those six would be great depth additions. They have two strong options for a potential third goaltender in Kronish and Browning.

The defense position is most likely already spoken for, but Lauren MacInnis was still invited to camp and could serve as one of two reserve players.

News & Notes

Boston's inaugural season jersey was also revealed on November 15. The official team colors are Forest Green, Grey, and White.

Image via PWHL

Boston also announced on November 13 that their practice facility will be the Boston Sports Institute in Wellesley, Massachusetts, which is about 16 miles southwest of downtown Boston.